Advance payment and cash transactions are strictly prohibited

You are not supposed to engage in any kind of financial transaction at the time of encounter. You need to avoid advance payment or any kind of transactions in form of cash, gifts, or gift cards.

Negotiation of the charges will never be entertained after the appointment is fixed.

Once you fix the appointment and you agree on the pricing of the services, you cannot negotiate to lower the charges. The clients are requested to fix the appointment only after knowing about everything related to the services.

Sexual attack or victimization will be a Criminal Act.

You are not supposed to victimize or harass an escort. An attempt to harass or victimize the girl will never be permitted, and it is solely against our terms & conditions.

You cannot change the location suddenly.

Changing in your plans at random will not be entertained in any manner. You have to inform the service provider in advance if you have any changes in the plan.

Selfie, photography, and videography will not be allowed during the meeting.

You cannot take any photograph, selfie with the girl, or any video during the encounter session. We want the clients to avoid using mobile phone or camera during the session.

Don’t share your bank details—you may be duped by the scammers.

Don’t pay your heed to the scammers’ activities if someone asks you to share your bank details. Oklute doesn’t promote such activities in any manner.

Beware of scammers.

Don’t fix your appointment and make payment at the onset without validating the ad publication. you need to avoid if you find anyone suspicious.

Oklute doesn’t play as a mediator.

Oklute doesn’t act a negotiator between buyers and sellers. If someone claims to be associated with Oklute and asks to send money, then treat it as an unauthorized act.