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26 Years | Transsexual | Mumbai | aslfa
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fully active with boobs big

India Mumbai
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22 years | Transsexual | Mumbai
Ad ID: in45x2ro2
Muskan the best TS experience you will ever get πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
Hi Guys!...
Whats up? Are you looking or dreaming for something different wild fun experience in bed? I’m Muskan a fine shemale newest in town but ready and hot for you. Im here to satisfy all you want and dream of..I Will Penetrate Your Mind And Colonize Your Fantasy πŸ˜‹ Im your important meal and medicines of the day.. Im a best teacher for newbies, crossdressers and first timers. Im great hypnotizer and will be your everynight sweet dreams. Im versa dominant ladyboy but i love to f---ck or being top more.
I am a great hard driller with sensual pleasure and I love making a guy the boytoy and switch him to be the lady in bed. Yes! You heard it right! You are a MAN but this time I let you be and feel to be the WOMAN in bed. Sounds Interesting! Right?...
I will fulfill your expectations, nasties and naughtiest fantasies. Lets do your wildest dreams come true with me. Im best of the best! And got big meaty pole for you. I may not be the prettiest, cutest, sexiest girl, but i am me, sweet, dependable and one of the most honest fun people anyone could ever meet, love me or hate me!!! So Come on and try me! Regret is not an option!..
I have 34 soft big boobs 7" Big dick and
Sexy fresh and clean soft figure.
After the service! I ask you something!
Don’t get addicted or fall in love with me. hehehe 😜😘😍
PS: I'm Also Offering Webcam Show (payment thru Gpay, Phonepe, PayTM)
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