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Privacy Policy

Last Updated April 2020

The website works in accordance with the Data Protection Legislations while protecting the privacy of a user or ad poster. The Personal Data and other sensitive information we acquire are kept with the most delicacy.

The Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions are strictly followed by the people behind the website keeping your data details safe and secure.

However, keep a note, the Offeror User you are communicating with using their data on the website is typically published by her. The website company has no responsibility for that data or how is it presented by the ad poster. In this type of situation, the Offeror User themselves become the data controllers. The company has no control or responsibility for such information in anyone’s hands.

Information The Site Collects

  1. Offeror Users’ information while publishing their advertisements or profiles on the site is kept secured specifically while completing the ad post or profile creation
  2. The data of the Recipient Users are also kept safe while they browse the site and while contacting an Offeror User.
  3. The email addresses of the Offeror Users wishing to post an ad or create their profiles on the site are retained in our servers with security.
  4. On the other hand, the email addresses of the Recipient Users while browsing the site and contacting the Offeror Users are also secured by the company servers.
  5. Other details that the website collects are kept limited as the Offeror User submits them with consent while posting an ad or creating a profile. They can also choose to skip the process of information submission as well.

The information of the ad poster or profile creator is engaged only when

  1. The function or activity of the site is lawful; or
  2. It is found necessary to keep sensitive personal data for some acute purpose

The contract between the website and the ad poster will be taken as a legal document during the data collection and will be used in cases related to optional information as submitted by the Offeror User. They will get the full choice of making that information as per their wish. In the case of Recipient Users, the consent will work as a legitimate function in collecting, accessing, and processing the data. The legal way will also respect the rights and freedom of the data subjects to deal with business administration, fraud prevention, and compliance.

Process Of Data Collection

Log Files

Every time a user visits the website, the servers working behind, gather a little information to analyze trends, site administration, visitor tracking, and collect broad demographic info for further use. The Log Files carry no attachment with them that has any sort of details determining the identity of any ad poster or user. As a result, you will be tracked during your session but kept anonymous until we have your consent. The Log Files are also not exported to any other sites or servers.


When someone is visiting the website, the Cookies follow them by keeping a track of a few details. These files allow the website to keep tracking and distinguishing repeated users. Cookies are small-sized files that can even identify new visitors to the website. Cookies help the servers to store user preferences and follow the recommendations to develop and improve services.

Session & Persistent Cookies

Once a browser is shut off, the session cookies are automatically erased. However, the persistent cookies stay on the hard drive unless they are manually deleted. Sometimes they even expire after a set period. The persistent cookies are utilized while logging in to a user’s account and to analyze the performance of the website servers or a trusted partner. Normally, the first and third-party cookies are can be either session or persistent.

First Party Cookies

The first-party cookies are spread by the website servers on the systems of the users and check website functionality, visitors stay tracking, follow unique visitors, and evaluate specific site offerings. The first-party cookies of comprise PHPSESSID Session Cookie; Last_Vhost the last city visited; adult_cookie over age consent; Logged_cookie when you do log in; and privacy_cookie on the website.

Web Beacons

The ‘clear gif’ and ‘pixel tags’, better known as web beacons, are graphic images that are transparent and used with cookies to personalize the site further for daily users. The web beacons also gather limited info about the visitors. To understand the behavior of a client, the website company uses the beacon in email communications. However, no web beacon is linked with any information enabling the people behind the website to unravel the true identity of an anonymous user.

Third-Party Cookies

The website uses only third-party statistic cookies to collect any detail about an ad poster or user. The information is collected via cookies and the beacon is anonymous. It means no one can identify your identity. The expertise of Google Analytics and Hotjar is precisely used by for third-party cookies.

Cookie Choices You Can Make

Whenever someone enters the site they are asked for cookie consent and other techs. People who disagree with the cookies can opt out by selecting “accept” or “reject” cookies. One can even do this by changing browser settings. But the website relies on cookies to help in the proper functioning of the site. If you find your browser rejecting all the cookies, the website may not function correctly. At times, when a few users refuse to accept the cookies, the loss of functionality is then their responsibility. If you are facing similar cases, you can tap the “help” menu in your browser’s toolbar. You can also visit for more information. It is noted that cookies are unique for each system. So every time a user uses a different device, they are asked for consent on them.

Further Details That Are Collected

Emails & Telephone Calls

When someone registers on the website as an Offeror User, the email address of the signee is recorded. But the telephone calls are never brought into concern.

Additional Mobile Device Terms

For Mobile Gadgets: If a visitor uses a mobile gadget to access the website or downloads any of the applications, the site gathers device information that includes mobile device ID, model, manufacturer, operating system, and IP address.

Geo Location Info: No one ever asks the site visitors on accessing it. It means, your geographical location as per mobile devices will not be collected while using or downloading our applications or services.

Disclosure Of User Information To Third Parties

Disclosure By Law

If there is a legal obligation, the user acknowledges and agrees the website officials can disclose their information if necessary. The information provided by the users will be taken to the Government parties in the following circumstances: for prevention, detection, and investigation that includes cyber incidents, prosecution, and punishment of offenses. They can be even exercised according to some laws in force.

However, if any info is disclosed to a third party it will not be punished.

Transfer Of Information

The website officials reserve all the rights of transferring sensitive personal data or information to a third party that even includes the geographic location of the user. However, the user’s consent is also seen as a prime choice.

Withdrawal of Consent to Provide Information

One can easily opt to provide their data or information as per their consent on Privacy Policy. All the users are also given the right to withdraw their consent at any time they feel. For this, they just need to write the website officials at [email protected]. When someone does the above-said job, the website will have the option of whether to provide goods or services to the user or not.

Information Rectification

The information offered by the user can be reviewed, corrected, or amended for any personal information, sensitive personal data, or information if the information is found inaccurate or deficient. One can do this by sending an email to [email protected].

Redressal Of Grievances

An officer will look after the Grievances that will concern the Data Rules and can be easily communicated using [email protected]. If there is any grievance-related issue the Grievance Officer will respond within one calendar month of the date when the receipt of grievance is received.

Disclosure To Protect Abuse Victims

The Terms And Conditions of the website do not resist any provision but it reserves all the rights if any, and does not hold any obligation to disclose any detail submitted by the user to the website. However, it can suspect or have causes to suspect the information involving parties who can be victims of abuse in any form. Abuses, generally, concern limitless trafficking and/ or coercion. The details could be disclosed to concerned authorities under sole discretion, deem appropriate handling such disclosure. The authorities looking after the personal details can be limitless law enforcement agencies, child protection houses, court officials, etc.

Information Transferred As A Result Of The Sale Of Business

Businesses develop as people sell, buy, or trade assets. The transaction made is the personally identifiable information or PII that can be one of the transferred assets. The website is acquired by another company, so the PII of the users as a part of the assets is transferred to the acquiring party. At times, when users face the same, they are informed beforehand if there is any material change in the way the PII is collected or used.

Overseas Transfer Of Information

The servers of the website are geographically located in the European Union. So the process of any information including the PII of the users is done via the company’s native network and servers. That means, if a user has given their consent by using the services of the website Privacy Policy, they have consented to overseas transfer of their information. The PII and other information are likewise taken abroad. The company even reserves the right to transfer the PII data back overseas. However, the company takes all the reasonable steps that make sure that the overseas recipients will never hold, use, or disclose the PII following the National Privacy Principles.

The privacy statements allow the website to share the information with third parties securely.

Age Restrictions

It is an adult service site as detailed in the Terms of Use.


The people behind the website take a lot of measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information that is stored in the company’s databases. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and/or strong encryption (3DES) technology are exercised whenever someone uses their credit card for a transaction and administrative access to the data site. Other than that various proprietary security measures are also taken to repositories and user information transfer. Reasonable care is imposed offering secure transmission of information between the user’s system and the company’s servers. However, one must know, no information provided on the internet is absolutely safe. The company officials cannot warrant or make sure of the security of information provided to them over the internet. So if there is any disclosure, it is unintentional.

Link To/ Access From Other Sites

The privacy policy of this website does not prevail on any other link, product, or service, by third parties. The company is not associated with any links, products, or services by third parties. One needs to practice caution, and carefully read, and review the privacy policies or statements of third parties before submitting any data or information. This is because one may receive various links to websites, content, products, or services while using the website. The company holds no rights on the privacy practices or the other website’s content linked to the site or from any of the third-party advertisers, which includes Offeror Users too.

Data Retention

The sensitive information of the user or ad poster is retained as long as it is necessary for a specific purpose abiding by the enforced law.

Access To Information

The information held about you can be rightfully accessed as per the laws of Data Protection Legislation. You can use your Right To Access in accordance with the legal laws. The officials will answer every request in a gap of 30 days. You can use the below-given contact details.

Contacting The Website

People may have queries about the privacy statements, practices of the site, or any type of dealing with the site, they can write to [email protected].

Dispute Resolution

By consenting to the privacy policy, the user or ad poster agrees to any claim, cause of action, or dispute, they have against the website company that can arise out of or relate to any access or uses to be resolved only in the United Kingdom. The user has to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts here if they want to claim any litigation. The laws of the United Kingdom will willfully govern those terms and claims without regarding any conflict of law provisions.

Revision Of Privacy Policy

If there are any changes in Privacy Policy, they will be posted on this page. After the amendment, one’s continued use of any section of the site shows their acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy. They will be also informed about the Privacy Policies via email.