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Terms Of Use

Last updated- April 2020

You are viewing the latest terms of use webpage that is valid till the next update. As per our needs, we update the Terms of Use at times, hence we suggest users check the latest changes through this page since they last visited the page and used the services as offered through (the “Site”).

Users of this site can be grouped into two categories- Pleasure Givers or Service Providers and Recipient Users or Pleasure Seekers (together- “Users”).

Pleasure givers and adult entertainers post their ads on this portal. They are allowed to upload their pictures and curate profiles as per the terms mentioned below under the Paid Services section. Service seekers or recipient users can easily view the ads and can contact their preferred escorts on the contact number uploaded by service providers.

Users must note that browsing this Site represents their consent to the current Terms of Use at the time of visiting the site. If any user doesn’t wish to agree with the Terms of Use, they should stop browsing the site and cease the use of the service immediately.

It is our Privacy Policy that governs the usage of Users’ personal data and cookies and other technologies. We collect only minimum personal data that complies with the laws of third-party data collection which enables us to provide the services as per these ‘Terms of Use’. We ensure that we collect data in accordance with the applicable laws and that fulfills our requirement to service improvement, expand our client base to new physical territories, and promote the safety and well-being of users.

For any pleasure giver or service provider, it is crucial to give their consent to the Terms of Use before they can create a profile or post their ad on this portal. They must agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and Summary and Guidelines as mentioned below at the time of ad posting or profile creation.

The Site is operated by SOFTELL LTD and acts as an online platform or portal only (“we” or “us”). The site administrators don’t use any editorial power or pre-vetting any ad posted with us. However, they can decline any ad for publishing or delete any advertisements or profiles which:

  1. violate these Terms of Use; or
  2. contains virus or malware or any material that can affect the Site’s performance;
  3. May be detrimental to such service performance
  4. breaches the law ( any ad that is obscene, displays pornographic material, invades one’s privacy, profiles or pictures taken by harassment, paedophilic, or violating minors’ rights or may infringe upon any criminal laws or regulations binding on us.
  5. that involves or may involve harassment of any user or a third party
  6. ads that symbolize any kind of threat, abuse or discrimination; or
  7. Which a competent and authorized judicial person or court or any government agency orders to be removed.

Users can get a detailed idea about materials that violate these Terms of Use when they go through the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ and ‘Summary and Guidelines’ sections as listed below. However, it is for users to employ their discretion to find out whether the ads they have posted on the Site comply with the Terms of Use and applicable laws.

We have the sole right to ban users who are found to repeatedly violate these Terms of Use. In case of taking down ads or banning of any User, we wouldn’t be responsible for any losses, claims, or whatever expenses the user might have incurred. No request for a refund will be entertained except in some special conditions mentioned in the “Refunds Policy” below.


This Site deals with adult services and use of any of the services is allowed only for Users who are 18 years or older. If any minor user is found to misrepresent his/her age or evade any age verification process set up by us will be considered a breach of these Terms of Use.

As already mentioned, we don’t exercise any editorial control over the ads posted on our Site by adult entertainers or Service Offerers. Our site doesn’t act as an intermediary between the service providers and pleasure seekers and in no case, we will be responsible for any damage claim, risks or liabilities due to the service delivery between pleasure givers and service seekers.

When a User agrees to the Terms of Use, it means that they are exclusively and fully responsible for their behaviors towards the Site and third parties including other Users.

We are not responsible for the content and don’t research the authenticity of the ads and service providers, nor do we guarantee the successful outcome of any deals between service providers and service seekers.

Limitation of Liability

These Terms of Use have no clause that limits or excludes any party’s liability for any injury, accident, or death caused due to another person's negligence to whom the person may be responsible, or any case of fraud, or other liability that is not excluded or limited by law.

The Site or its administrators, affiliates, employees, or directors will not be liable for:

  1. any loss or damage caused due to circumstances outside their control;
  2. any loss or damage caused due to the non-availability of the site or services;
  3. any direct or indirect dent in reputation or loss of turnover or anticipated savings;
  4. any data loss or corruption;
  5. any indirect or statutory losses whatsoever even if Users have been advised of the possibility of such losses.

Under no circumstances, the Site's and its affiliates' liability to Users for loss or damage due to contract, tort, or breach of statutory duty related to the Site and the services shall be capped above an amount equivalent to the higher of the sums paid by any User in the twelve months immediately before the event letting to £500 claim and in the case of any other services, £150.

Users should note that each of the provisions and sub-provisions enumerated above is separate and independent. Any case of unenforceability of a provision or sub-provision doesn’t warrant the nullity of other provisions which will remain in full force and effect.

Paid Services: Service Providers

When a Pleasure Giver or a Service Provider posts an ad on our Site, they authorize us to promote their services and provide a powerful platform for their service operation to attract and serve target audiences in geographical markets. Any ad posting or profile creation by the service provider means that they are of legal age in the relevant jurisdiction, their identities are genuine and the same as reflected in the profile picture, and that they have posted their ads on their will without any coercion.

No advertisement published on our Site should violate any applicable laws and regulations of the specific city/country of residence of the Service Provider. If there is a violation of applicable laws, we have the right to deny publishing the ad or take it down without a refund. We can ban such Users from posting any ads or creating profiles in the future.

Acceptable Use Policy

Users agree to use the Site and services provided herein only in a proper and legal way that complies with the rules and regulations of the local area or city and ethics. All Users must commit not to transmit any offensive or porn material, discriminatory or blasphemous material through the Site that violates any law or opposes the principles of public order and good morals.

Service providers who desire to post ads on this Site should ensure that their ad content conforms to the applicable laws. Users should never try to post ads or content that is legally not acceptable in their jurisdiction.

Service providers or adult entertainers warrant that they have gained the consent of all persons whose data or information they have mentioned in the ads and they will in no case use advertisements or any content that breaches the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third person without having gained the permission of that third person.

Service providers should be aware that when they mention any email in the content of their ads, we can’t control any material or message that can be sent directly to that email address, whether by other Users or otherwise, and whether in answer to that advertisement.

Summary and Guidelines

All service providers need to carefully go through it that summarizes the above Terms of Use. However, to make it clear, we must say that these guidelines don’t constitute any kind of legal advice as to what kind of materials can be legally right to include in advertisements and profiles. For this, they must check all the provisions and sub-provisions mentioned above.

  1. Users should never insert any pornographic pictures or images of male or female genitalia or any kind of obscene material that violates the laws and regulations.
  2. Those ads that contain materials that breach the rules on pornography, such as erotic material that involve animals, non-consensual sex, intimacy with dead bodies, or dare-devilry acts which threaten a person's life or acts that may likely lead to injuries to a person's anus, breasts or genitals are not allowed;
  3. If any erotic material or picture is uploaded without the person’s consent due to revenge porn then that will not be allowed;
  4. No ad should contain explicit sexual material involving minors or materials which promote Paedophilia. Such ad will be debarred from posting;
  5. If any ad is found to have a paedophile material, we reserve the right to report it to the competent authorities which will include providing all the access and meta data. We can report material that breaches our rules on extreme pornography or revenge pornography;
  6. Users on posting any ads certify that they are adults and have the legal right to post their ads or avail of services and the material is true to their identity and has been taken on the informed consent to be posted on the Site;
  7. Before creating any online profile or posting an ad, each Service Provider must confirm by accessing the Site [], that they are adult or of legal age, their profile reflects their true picture or identity and they have not been forced in any way. Failure to offer such confirmation will lead to our refusal to let them publish their advertisement or use the service;
  8. Users are allowed to post the same advertisement to three different cities max;
  9. Users can’t repeat the same advertisement in the same city during the same period; and
  10. No hypertext links in any advertisement or profile are entertained or allowed.

All users are subjected to following these terms and conditions to which we are legally bounded that facilitates smooth and seamless delivery of our services intending to enhance maximum effectiveness in relevant geographical markets.

These Terms of Use are governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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